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International Women’s Day 2020!

It’s International Women’s Day! Sharing a few books in my radar that highlight AMAZING and INSPIRATIONAL women!

Was hoping to have read them all by today but … 🙈 So will only be sharing my thoughts on First for now.

It’s Sandra Day O’Connor’s story from the very beginning to becoming the first female Supreme Court Justice (and what followed…)

Most of my stars come from the actual story rather than the writing. Thomas’ writing was just ok, I wasn’t wow’d by it, but I was there for Sandra’s story, which was INCREDIBLE! I actually listened to most of this as an audiobook by @librofm on my walk home! 👏🏻

I enjoyed gaining insight into Sandra’s personal life and determination, as well the professional struggles women faced in the not so distant past, and some history of the US justice system. Super interesting read and would recommend. 4/5


She was born in 1930 in El Paso and grew up on a cattle ranch in Arizona. At a time when women were expected to be homemakers, she set her sights on Stanford University. When she graduated near the top of her class at law school in 1952, no firm would even interview her. But Sandra Day O’Connor’s story is that of a woman who repeatedly shattered glass ceilings–doing so with a blend of grace, wisdom, humor, understatement, and cowgirl toughness.

She became the first-ever female majority leader of a state senate. As a judge on the Arizona State Court of Appeals, she stood up to corrupt lawyers and humanized the law. When she arrived at the Supreme Court, appointed by Reagan in 1981, she began a quarter-century tenure on the court, hearing cases that ultimately shaped American law. Diagnosed with cancer at fifty-eight, and caring for a husband with Alzheimer’s, O’Connor endured every difficulty with grit and poise.

Women and men today will be inspired by how to be first in your own life, how to know when to fight and when to walk away, through O’Connor’s example. This is a remarkably vivid and personal portrait of a woman who loved her family and believed in serving her country, who, when she became the most powerful woman in America, built a bridge forward for the women who followed her.

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