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Book Review: You are not alone by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

Thank you to Pan Macmillan for my advance copy for this amazing thriller!

You are not alone by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

Genre: Thriller, Mystery

BUG Rating: 3.5-4/5

Overall: The average person walks by 16 killers in their lifetime– now that is freaky! Do we notice at all?! 😳 You are not alone is full of lots of other fascinating random facts! 📊  It is a fast pace, binge worthy thriller- you will be ok the edge of your seat! I really enjoyed the story and it was full of twists and turns, but I did find some parts a little far fetched. I’m obsessed with the duos writing style and loved getting to know all the characters through the alternating POVs with each chapter. If you’re looking for an intriguing suspense novel, look no further!


You probably know someone like Shay Miller.

She wants to find love, but it eludes her.

She wants to be fulfilled, but her job is a dead end.

She wants to belong, but her life is so isolated.

You probably don’t know anyone like the Moore sisters.

They have an unbreakable circle of friends.

They live the most glamorous life.

They always get what they desire.

Shay thinks she wants their life.

But what they really want is hers.

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