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Book Review: We Wish You Luck by Caroline Zancan

I can’t DNF a book, but this was so nearly my first 😬 I found this long (despite its actually shortness at 300 pages!), and very boring. I ended up skimming most of it, missing the “main” event completely 🙄⁣

🔎 I also didn’t care for the writing style, and found the flow quite strange.⁣

⁣It pains me to write such a review but this book just wasn’t for me! 😔⁣

💭 Do you DNF? 🤔 Vote in today’s story! What’s been your least favourite book lately? 👇🏻👇🏻⁣


It doesn’t take long for the students on Fielding campus to become obsessed with Hannah, Leslie and Jimmy. The three graduate students are mysterious, inaccessible, and brilliant. Leslie, glamorous and brash, has declared that she wants to write erotica and make millions. Hannah is quietly confident, loyal, elegantly beautiful, and the person they all want to be; and Jimmy is a haunted genius with no past. After Simone—young, bestselling author and erstwhile model—shows up as a visiting professor, and after everything that happened with her, the trio only become more notorious.

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