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Book Review: Six Wicked Reasons by Jo Spain

Happy Publication Day to Jo Spain’s new book! Thank you to Quercus Books for my advance copy of this gem 🙂

Six Wicked Reasons by Jo Spain

Genre: Mystery

BUG Rating: 4/5

Overall: I have been enjoying the ‘whodunnit’ murder mysteries lately and Six Wicked reasons didn’t disappoint! The plot: The 6 siblings from the extremely dysfunctional Lattimer family are reunited after one was presumed dead for over 10 years (😲) … they return to the family home in the Spanish Cove, Ireland for a family gathering, and their father is murdered.

The book takes us on a wild ride to unmask the killer, and literally kept me guessing until the very end. Full of secrets and lies, what a tangled web these siblings are caught in … and I LOVED it!

The structure was a bit different, and the chapters alternate between the different siblings point of views, flipping timelines from both just before the murder to the police questioning after.

Six Wicked Reasons is out today and I highly recommend it to fans of Harlan Coban. It’s totally unpredictable and addictive!


It’s June 2008 and twenty-one-year-old Adam Lattimer vanishes, presumed dead. The strain of his disappearance breaks his already fragile family.

Ten years later, with his mother deceased and siblings scattered across the globe, Adam turns up unannounced at the family home. His siblings return reluctantly to Spanish Cove, but Adam’s reappearance poses more questions than answers. The past is a tangled web of deceit.

And, as tension builds, it’s apparent somebody has planned murderous revenge for the events of ten years ago.

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