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Book Review: First Blood by Angela Marsons

I can’t believe this wasn’t even on my radar. I am an avid Kim Stone fan – and didn’t even see this coming! Oh my … you don’t even realise how much you have been WAITING for a book like this until it comes along! It’s a PREQUEL!!! And yes, that does mean we see the return of one of our favourites (thank you so much, Angela!).

First Blood by Angela Marsons

Genre: Thriller, Mystery

BUG Rating: 4/5

Overall:I’ve read every book in the series, and this is definitely one of my favourites. It’s great to go back to the beginning and understand how Kim came to join the team, the dynamics when everyone was first thrown together, and the starters of relationships building. It’s such fun to see how the characters have changed, evolved, throughout the series. I’d say Kim probably hasn’t changed too much, which is also why we love her so much!

Obviously, it’s not just about the characters, Angela Marsons does a fantastic job at creating the most awesomest of cases, and this one will not disappoint, the team’s first case together is a tough one with plenty of twists and turns – buckle up!

Despite being a prequel, I wouldn’t recommend reading it until you have read all the others, it’s was actually at the ideal time (book 12) to introduce this, after everything we have been through with the team, it was the perfect way to freshen things up and go back to where it all begun. Cannot recommend this enough!


When the body of a young man is found beheaded and staked to the ground in a secluded area of the Clent Hills, Kim and her new squad rush to the crime scene.

Searching the victim’s home, Kim discovers a little girl’s bedroom and a hidden laptop. Why is his sister relieved to hear he’s dead – and where is the rest of his family? 

As Kim begins to unearth the dark secrets at the heart of the case, D.C. Stacey Wood finds a disturbing resemblance to the recent murder of Lester Jackson. But that’s not all Stacey finds …

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