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Book Review: Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Since seeing this on Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club Pick, I knew I just had to read it. 

Released last month, it’s available now on Amazon.

Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Genre: Fiction/Historical Fiction

BUG Rating: 4/5

Overall: In 3 words: Emotional, Exhilarating and Unforgettable.

My first read from Taylor Jenkins Reid. I loved the storyline, told in documentary style, the plot focuses on the rise and fall of the rock band, Daisy Jones & the Six. We follow the band members through the highs and lows of their lives as they rise to fame in the 1970s. The characters were all perfectly crafted – they felt real. Literally, so real. I couldn’t believe this wasn’t a true story! 

It is what I have always loved about music. Not the sounds or the crowds or the good times as much as the words — the emotions, the stories, the truth — that you can let flow right out of your mouth.


They were the new icons of rock and roll, fated to burn bright and not fade away.

But on 12 July 1979, it all came crashing down.

There was Daisy, rock and roll force of nature, brilliant songwriter and unapologetic drug addict, the half-feral child who rose to superstardom.

There was Camila, the frontman’s wife, too strong-willed to let the band implode – and all too aware of the electric connection between her husband and Daisy.

There was Karen, ice-cool keyboardist, a ferociously independent woman in a world that wasn’t ready for her.

And there were the men surrounding them: the feuding, egotistical Dunne brothers, the angry guitarist chafing on the sidelines, the drummer binge-drinking on his boat, the bassist trying to start a family amid a hedonistic world tour. They were creative minds striking sparks from each other, ready to go up in flames.

It’s never just about the music…

I started off reading this and was a few ‘chapters’ in when I thought, this style of writing just isn’t for me. It’s been laid out documentary style, and I struggled to keep up with reading the constant dialogue change. However – when I was about to give up, my fictional world book blogger had highlighted how good the audio book was. So – I gave it a go, and G.A.M.E C.H.A.N.G.E.R … Oh my, the audiobook was AMAZING. I am not a huge audiobook fan but it really worked well for this book and the mix of narrators were all so freakin’ awesome. Each character was narrated by someone different, which really made me connect with all the characters so well and allowed me to fully immerse myself into the story.

The story was incredible. I kept checking on google as I was convinced this HAS to relate to a real band… Taylor Jenkins has done a truly great job at making everything so believable. That everything really did happen.

On the story: It’s set in the 1970s, in California, and follows the lives of rock band members: Daisy Jones & The Six. Daisy isn’t  actually the main focus of the book, each character has their own struggle, complex personalities that they are dealing with and Taylor manages to give everyone the limelight. It’s great to see such powerful women portrayed. 

That being said, the relationship between Daisy and Billy is very heavily covered, they both have large egos and neither one of them very willing to settle. 

Though out the book, we get an insight into their complicated relationships, with each other, addictions… and the world. We follow them through both happiness and tragedy. This book will both make you laugh and cry at some point!

There is some ‘typical’ rock band feel to it, there’s a lot of drugs, sex and rock’n’ roll, yet the story still feels authentic and personal to Daisy Jones & The Six. 

It’s very difficult to say much more without giving too much away. I really enjoyed the book, especially the audiobook version although it was just missing something, but I am not too sure what, maybe a bit more of a bang at the end? I am SO excited to see the TV adaption of this that Reese Witherspoon has picked up the rights to – I think it’s going to be awesome!

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