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Book Review: Still Life by Louise Penny

New ‘At a Glace’ ! A mini review with some pros and cons to help you decide if the book is for you.

At A Glance : Still Life by Louise Penny

Genre: Fiction/Mystery

BUG Rating : 4/5 

Overall: My first read by Louise Penny, and absolutely loved it! It took me a good day and half to get through, but I struggled to put it down. The storyline follows Chief Inspector Gamache and his team who are called to a rural village, Three Pines, as the body of elderly artist, Jane Neal is discovered in the woods. Gamache and team piece together Jane’s life, a life full of loving friends – so who could want her dead?

I loved the quirky characters and how they all fitted together perfectly. The storytelling itself was fantastic, and I felt myself really drawn into it. The ‘reveal’ happens quite near the end, and from there the wrap up is pretty quick, but I still really enjoyed this book and it had just the right amount of suspense and really kept me guessing until the end!

We choose our thoughts. We choose our perceptions. We choose our attitudes. We may not think so. We may not believe it, but we do. I absolutely know we do. I’ve seen enough evidence, time after time, tragedy after tragedy, triumph after triumph. It’s about choice.


The discovery of a dead body in the woods on Thanksgiving Weekend brings Chief Inspector Armand Gamache and his colleagues from the Surete du Quebec to a small village in the Eastern Townships. Gamache cannot understand why anyone would want to deliberately kill well-loved artist Jane Neal, especially any of the residents of Three Pines – a place so free from crime it doesn’t even have its own police force.

But Gamache knows that evil is lurking somewhere behind the white picket fences and that, if he watches closely enough, Three Pines will start to give up its dark secrets…


+ Awesome quirky characters 

+ I was totally immersed and kept needing to turn the pages

+ Fantastic, easy to follow writing


– Felt it took me longer to get through it than other books the same size

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