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Book Review: Recursion by Blake Crouch

I dove straight into another buddy read with my book buddy and we picked out Recursion after seeing it publicised by the book influencers on Instagram – and in the top picks to read this summer! … and wow – it did not disappoint! I’m also crowning this read my Top Pick for June!

Recursion by Blake Crouch

Genre: Science Fiction, Suspense

BUG Rating: 4.5/5

Overall: Firstly, I just cannot believe how much I enjoyed this book. Sci – Fi is something I normally stay far away from, both in books and on tv; but there was just something about the plot that drew me in. That made me feel this is going to be different; and it was, very.  Overall, I loved everything about this book. Sure, there were a few passages where I thought “really, THIS is happening AGAIN” but …. LOVED it. It wasn’t just sci fi. It was action packed, I was on the edge of my seat, biting my nails, through a lot of it and it had love … yes a true love story was interwound into this sci fi book. I fell head over heels for the main characters; Barry and Helena, in this book – even the supporting cast was great and they each brought a unique element to the story. In summary: Thrilling, action packed and thought-provoking. 

There are so few things in our existence we can count on to give us the sense of permanence, of the ground beneath our feet. People fail us. Our bodies fail us. We fail ourselves. He’s experienced all of that. But what do you cling to, moment to moment, if memories can simply change. What, then, is real? And if the answer is nothing, where does that leave us?


Memory makes reality. That’s what New York City cop Barry Sutton is learning as he investigates the devastating phenomenon the media has dubbed False Memory Syndrome—a mysterious affliction that drives its victims mad with memories of a life they never lived.

Neuroscientist Helena Smith already understands the power of memory. It’s why she’s dedicated her life to creating a technology that will let us preserve our most precious moments of our pasts. If she succeeds, anyone will be able to re-experience a first kiss, the birth of a child, the final moment with a dying parent. 

As Barry searches for the truth, he comes face-to-face with an opponent more terrifying than any disease—a force that attacks not just our minds but the very fabric of the past. And as its effects begin to unmake the world as we know it, only he and Helena, working together, will stand a chance at defeating it.

But how can they make a stand when reality itself is shifting and crumbling all around them? 


+ Changed my opinion on the sci-fi genre – I’ll be reading more

+ The storyline was epic – I love how lives interwound and found it very thought provoking around what we are, our memories and how scary it would be if one of these chairs existed!

+ I should have started with this one; the characters. I absolutely loved them


– A couple of times I felt like there were too many dives back into the loop/the past. Were all of them really needed?

– Some of the scientific terms/ideas went way over my head!

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