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By way of a short introduction …

I’m Steph, 20 something girl, living in the South East of England, with an absolute obsession with books. My love affair started when I was around 7 years old, The Secret Seven and Goosebumps were my go to books and I found myself excited (and slightly scared!) to go to bed at night to lose myself in another fantastical/scary story. 

Books also represented a lot more for me, as a kid I moved around , my mum got sick, my parents split up … books were the only constants in my life, my escape. When everything became too much, I knew I had somewhere to turn, somewhere I wasn’t “the new girl”, or any other type of label I was given at school…  which is when I fell in love with books and stories; more precisely, books with strong female leads. Wind forward to today, they are still my favourite type of books, especially in the crime fiction genre.

I read a lot (and not exclusively crime fiction) despite the reality of life … kids and work sometimes making it a challenge. (I rise to challenges!)

For a while now, I have wanted a platform to share my thoughts on the books I read, so I have finally done it …

Welcome to Booked up girl…In search of her next great read #gotthebookBUG

I hope that you enjoy my reviews. Please, follow me on BookedUpGirl’s social media…Twitter and Instagram for even more updates … you might even find your next perfect read!

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