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A Box of Stories!

I am on a total mission to find a UK equivalent of Book of the Month and many other amazing book boxes available in the US. This month, I’ve partnered with A Box of Stories!

What I Love

A Box of Stories is a unique book service that sets out to help you discover new authors and books you might not normally reach for (but all books have fantastic reviews!). They do this by using their secret algorithm that takes into account a number of factors, such as reviews, book forums, web rankings etc to help US uncover hidden gems! There’s a number of different boxes you can select, including Mixed Fiction, Summer Reads, Crime Thriller & Mystery etc. See all options here.

What else? Oh … A Box of Stories also pays it forward and sets aside a portion of their profits for charities working for literacy. To read more about A Box of Stories and their vision, click here.

What was in my box…

And time for the drum roll … My box was a mixed fiction box (+ 1 extra book, there’s normally 4!) I’ve taken a look at the titles on a mixture of online forums/good reads and I’ve not been disappointed looking at the reviews so far. I’ve included a few comments based on the research. ALSO, I have just read Cut and see my initial thoughts below.

Cut by Marc Raabe

Good Reads rating: 3.66/5 – My rating 3.5/5

So this was an interesting one, and probably not one I would have picked up, so already A box of stories is winning in terms of helping me discover new authors! It was quite a dark and atmospheric read. There was plenty of suspense to keep me gripped throughout and I really enjoyed that ending! (No spoilers 🙂 )

Unconditional Love by Natalia Aggiano

Good Reads rating: 3.93/5

What people are saying: Interesting take on forgiveness, story of coming to terms with loss and turning your life around post a devastating event.

The Birthday Girl by Sue Fortin

Good Reads rating: 3.88/5

What people are saying: Creepy Thriller!

The Shock by Marc Raabe

Good Reads rating: 3.51/5

What people are saying: Dark and exhilarating psychological thriller.

Out of the Tunnel by Rachel North

Good Reads rating: 3.68/5

What people are saying: Interesting, Heart wrenching memoir of a survivor from the London 7/7 attack.

I hope you all enjoyed the unboxing of A Box of Stories mixed box! Also, for UK followers … look out there’s more to come on Monday!

  • Inge | The Belgian Reviewer
    September 4, 2019 at 8:06 am

    These would all be new authors for me as well… I’d be quite happy with this box and I’m attracted to Cut the most. I love dark and hard reads :-). Lovely post!

    • bookedupgirl
      September 5, 2019 at 12:42 pm

      Thank you Inge!

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